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CSAT Pattern

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CSAT 2011 Pattern

The pattern of CSAT comprises of two objective papers, much similar to the preliminary examination structure, but differs from the preliminary examination pattern in its syllabus category. The CSAT syllabus structure comprises of objective type questions that in turn give special emphasize on the aptitude skills and decision making skills of the participating candidates. Another major objective of CSAT would be to measure the ethical and moral aptitude of the candidates.

Anyways, the CSAT also bears the common general studies paper and the other paper would be concentrating on the aptitude skills of the candidates, rather focusing on the optional subjects. According to my perception, this concept of CSAT is praiseworthy, because in the earlier pattern, i.e. in the preliminary examination pattern, the objective type question papers were based on the general studies and the optional subjects (the optional subjects are chosen by the candidates), hence the students weren’t brought to light regarding the ethical values and moral attributes.

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